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About Us

Randstad Personenschade is a firm that specializes in personal injury law. The main focus of the firm is to provide its clients with a competent legal advice in case of a personal injury. Due to the fact that a personal injury could be suffered under different circumstances , we can assist you in various cases. As long as the accident occurred on the territory of the Netherlands, we can assist you.

The firm focuses on multicultural representation and therefore our lawyers are capable of advising the clients in their native languages. The languages that the firm is operating in are Dutch,Turkish,English,Bulgarian,Polish and Russian.

The first consultation with the firm does not enforce any costs or obligations on the clients. |
After the client chooses whether or not to use our firm , the costs of the legal assistance will be provided by the liable party. According to the Dutch Civil Code , the party  that caused the injury is also responsible for the costs of the legal assistance because the person would have not needed the legal assistance if the injury haven’t occurred.


L – iberty. Our firm believes that the most important aspect of the legal profession is protecting the interest of the client. Therefore , our clients have the liberty to voice their concerns and choose the way in which we can conduct our meetings.
E-fficiency. Our aim is to improve our services in order to meet the expectations of our clients. Therefore , we always strive to render our service efficiently.
T– imely manner.  We do not want our clients to experience further discomfort and therefore we conduct the legal mediation on their behalf in a timely manner.
S-ignificance. We want our clients to have trust in our services and therefore we make them a significant part of the process. During all stages of the mediation , you will be informed about your rights and the progress of your case.
E-conomic wise. We are trying to take into account all of the uncessary stress and complications that you’ve suffered because of your personal injury. Therefore , we would do everything in our power to grant you the fair compensation you deserve.
L- oyalty. It is important for us to preserve the client’s trust and therefore we conduct our duties with professional integrity. Our members are well aware of the recent rules and regulations applicable in the Netherlands.

A– ccessibility. The Members of our firm believe in the diligent and prominent legal assistance. Therefore , we will assist you in your native language.
D– Dignity. We conduct our duties with honor and dignity that are enshrined in the legal profession.
V– ictorious. The interests of our clients are of primary importance and therefore our main aim is to protect your  interests and win your case.
ntegrityWe maintain high integrity in the relationships with our clients.
E-nthusiastic. Our Members are conducting their work with enthusiasm because it is important for us to protect the client’s rights.
S-ecure. Our professional codes of conduct are in accordance with the required Dutch and European standards. It is important for us that our clients are secure and safe in their communication with us.

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